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"Grab Records, powering the grassroots sector to break the mould"

Coming together through a chance meeting, Grab Records was formed by two highly skilled individuals with one common goal in mind... to help grassroots artists breakthrough the ever changing music industry.


On one side an individual with background of 12 years in music running a studio complex, working with artists across development, recording, management and Live, a passion for the emerging sector and artist development was always a focus. Targeted by London based Ingenious Media heading up A&R at London based Resolution Records was just part of the journey to GRAB.

On the other side an individual with a background of 30 years in global business and a deep rooted passion for music and the grassroots sector completed the 2 heads of this new exciting record label. In talking and realising each others passion and goals for independent artists the two decided to look at options for a label to help artists at grassroots level progress, forming Grab Records.

GRAB RECORDS will utilise its creators vast experience and provide a platform to launch what we feel, are some of the best independent artists that have so far gone unheard..

Grab Records - LOGO grey.png
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